I was born in the 70’s, studied at the LMU and the University Complutense Madrid. I worked successfully for many years in large international companies (Pro7Sat1, United Internet, Microsoft) in the field of business development, communication, change management and sales. Since 2009 I am successfully self-employed as a consultant.

My corporate clients are mostly large companies (BMW AG, Fraunhofer Gesellschaft, Sky AG, Adidas just to name a few) my coachees are as different as you can imagine: people with personal obstacles, from 11 to 78.

I am convinced that successful change and constant personal development and growth is the key to happiness and success of individuals and companies – in this time more than ever before. 

Change needs support – no man is an island, and in my experience, a company as well as individuals, have a blind spot, that unseen will cost money or nerves – in companies usually both…


Take advantage of my experience
I am looking forward to every contact and am happy to work international!